Frequently Asked Questions

Refund or Credits

Refunds will not be permitted once the camp/clinic starts. Credits for future camp/clinics will be given at discretion

Pro-rated if I register late?

You will be asked to register online for the full amount and a credit will be applied to your household for future camps/clinics

What is a clinic? Is it right for tmy child?

A clinic is conducted once a week for a period of 4-7 weeks. Each clinic focuses on a different set of skils and functional development in the game of soccer. 

How are the players grouped?

Each participant is grouped based on age however, if a player shows exceptional ability he or she may be moved to an older group if desired. 

What clinic do we recommend?

It is highly encouraged that clinic participants enroll in an indoor camp or skills and ball mastery camp prior to registering for a specific skills camps. Due to the pre-requiste technical building blocks.

Who are the clinic instructors?

Clinic instructors or licensed or have playing experiecne ranging from top college programs to semi pro and/professional leagues.

What should my child bring?

Shinguards, soccer ball, soccer shorts, water, cleats/turf/flat surface shoes (shinguards must be under socks)